2nd FEDPAC Mataniufeagaimaleata Sapapalii 7s Tournament: A spectacular rugby showcase in beautiful Savaii

The highly anticipated 2nd FedPac Mataniufeagaimaleata Sapapalii 7s Tournament is primed to commence tomorrow at the Sapapalii Primary School Field. Boasting a participation of 18 confirmed Men's teams, this event promises two days of enthralling rugby action set against the breathtaking backdrop of Savaii's natural beauty.

Named in honour of the esteemed Mataniufeagaimaleata – the beautiful shores of Sapapalii that welcomed Christianity in Samoa, this tournament seeks to celebrate not only the exhilarating sport of rugby but also the principles of teamwork, dedication, and sportsmanship that it embodies. As the sun sets over the lush landscape of Savaii, rugby enthusiasts can look forward to a remarkable display of athleticism and skill.

“We’re thrilled to bring together teams from diverse backgrounds for this remarkable event,” said Papalii Namulauulu Sami Leota, the driving force behind the tournament. “Beyond the competition, this tournament represents unity and a shared love for rugby.”

The Sapapalii Primary School Field, with its pristine surroundings and serene ambiance, provides an ideal setting for a rugby extravaganza of this magnitude. Local food vendors and beverage stalls will cater to all in attendance, ensuring a delightful culinary experience alongside sporting excitement.

Over the course of two action-packed days, the matches are poised to deliver an intense blend of strategy and passion. The grand finale promises an electrifying climax, as the ultimate champion emerges from the fierce competition.

Certainly, here’s the description of the pools and the teams allocated to each pool for the 2nd FedPac
Mataniufeagaimaleata Sapapalii 7s 2023:

Defending Champions Ott Constructors Tama Uli will go head-to-head with formidable opponents Pacific Freight Siumu and Tafitoala in Pool A. Anticipation runs high as the reigning champions step onto the field to defend their title against the spirited challenge of Pacific Freight Siumu and the determined squad of Tafitoala.

In Pool B, is set to be a battleground of fierce competition. Last year’s Runners-up, Tepatasi, are gearing up to face off against two dynamic teams: Moataa and Lalomalava. Tepatasi aims to claim the championship that narrowly eluded them last year. Moataa and Lalomalava stand ready to showcase their prowess and vie for victory.

Pool C presents an exciting clash of talents. BBE Vaiala is set to contend against the spirited challenge of Marist Pago and the determined team of Gatavai. The competition in this pool promises to be fierce as these teams battle for supremacy.

In Pool D, SCB Apia Maroons will face off against the formidable opponents Uso Satalo and Vaiula Falealili. With a combination of skill, strategy, and determination, these teams will vie for a chance to advance to the next stage of the tournament.

Pool E showcases PacificEzy Safotu, ready to prove their mettle against the competition presented by Laifoni Vaitoomuli and Iva White Lions. Expect a display of sportsmanship and athleticism as these teams compete for a shot at glory.

Tournament hosts, Lupesiliva Sapapalii finds themselves in Pool F, where they will face off against Afega and Asau. The local crowd will undoubtedly rally behind Lupesiliva Sapapalii as they strive to make their mark in this exciting tournament.

With these intriguing pools, the 2nd FedPac Mataniufeagaimaleata Sapapalii 7s 2023 promises thrilling matches and intense rivalries. Rugby enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing exceptional athleticism, strategic plays, and unforgettable moments of competition in the stunning setting of Savaii.

Stay tuned for exhilarating rugby clashes as these teams bring their A-game to the 2nd FedPac
Mataniufeagaimaleata Sapapalii 7s Tournament. The Organizers extends a warm invitation to all to join in the festivities of the 2nd FedPac Mataniufeagaimaleata Sapapalii 7s Tournament, a celebration of rugby, unity, and the picturesque allure of Savaii. For real-time updates, match schedules, and more, please visit the FedPac Mataniufeagaimaleata Sapapalii 7s facebook page or check the TV3 Youtube channel for all livestream.

Pools and Draw