Lakapi Samoa response to misleading accusations

Lakapi Samoa, the governing body for rugby in Samoa, issues this statement to address and correct the misleading, damaging and false accusations made by former Manu Samoa and Manu Samoa 7s Player, Elijah Niko, on social media platform, Facebook.

Lakapi Samoa acknowledges the concerns raised by Mr. Niko and encourages him to address his grievances through the appropriate channels via the Team Management, Lakapi Samoa Management and the Players Association. It is essential to foster open communication and get clarity on any issues and concerns constructively.


For the benefit of the public, Lakapi Samoa provides the following breakdown of player allowances:

  • Core Players (18 Players): SAT$300.00 per week;
  • Developing Players (8 Players): SAT$150 per week;
  • Tour Allowance (14 players selected): NZD$1,000.00 convert to Tala $1,700 per tournament.


  1. For a player in the extended squad and not selected in any of the Series Leg(s) or other tournaments will receive an annually allowance of SAT$15,600
  2. For a developing player in the extended squad he receives total allowance annually of SAT$7,800
  3. For a player selected in the extended squad and travels to all tournaments of the series and other related tournament plus tour allowance will receive a total allowance of SAT$32,000.00.

Additionally, a bonus scheme proposed by Lakapi Samoa to our Partners was made possible by our major sponsor SIFA aka IBFC, rewards per Player and MS7s Management with bonuses ranging from SAT$1,500 to SAT$5,000 for achieving a top-four finish or better per tournament.

All financial contributions received by Manu Samoa 7s during its tour from various overseas based Samoan communities go directly to the players and management, with none received by Lakapi Samoa. These constitute additional financial benefits for the players and management of the team.

Lakapi Samoa maintains at all times that any increase in allowances and other privileges is subject to its financial position and what it can financially afford.


Lakapi Samoa prioritizes player welfare:

  • Locally camped players receive two meals daily.
    • Touring players are entitled and are provided at all times three meals daily with accommodation and transport
    • Transportation assistance is provided for players without vehicles while on Island.
    • We also provide all sports science and medical support to all our players.


We deny any knowledge of the said torn contract that the Complainant referred to as we have no knowledge of such a Contract. All player Contracts for Lakapi Samoa player’s channels through the CEO that signs off the player release.


The incident in Dubai has undergone thorough investigation and resolution through a previous review in 2022. Lakapi Samoa, in line with its commitment to maintaining rigorous dietary standards for players, would like to clarify that the incident in question solely involved overseas players.

For clarification, the management received notification from the hotel staff regarding players ordering food and beer to their rooms. Consequently, we have instructed the hotel staff to inform us if any players place orders for fast food or beer in the future, following the incident mentioned.

Management holds the right to intervene and prevent any fast-food | alcohol orders delivered to players’ rooms during tours. This measure is taken to safeguard player performance and protect the integrity of the team’s meticulous preparation, both locally and while traveling to tournaments. Such interventions are crucial to ensuring the players adhere to the prescribed dietary plans essential for optimal high performance athletes.

For clarification, management did not confine any player to their rooms. In accordance with COVID-19 protocols at the time, everyone, including the management, was required to stay in their respective rooms to prevent the spread of the virus. Furthermore, all meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, were delivered to the rooms by the hotel staff for both players and management.


We express disappointment regarding the recording of a video, shared by the complainant online, featuring one of our Manu Samoa 7s Management member during a personal trip upon their return to Samoa. We acknowledge that the complainant travelled on the same flight, en route to Samoa for the Qualifier team selection, prompting questions about the intentions behind filming our coach at his own personal arrangement.

It is essential to emphasize that all official travels for Lakapi Samoa staff and players are consistently conducted in economy class.


Lakapi Samoa welcomes direct communication to address any concerns, as social media may not be the most effective platform for issue resolution. In conclusion, Lakapi Samoa remains committed to transparency, player welfare, and fair practices in its overall management of the Manu Samoa 7s program.